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Calculate your organisation’s carbon footprint

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Environmental Consulting , Sustainability Consulting , Carbon Footprint Calculation , Green House Gas Accounting , Carbon Footprint Reduction , Carbon Offsetting


MyCarbon offers a range of sustainability services to aid your organisation in achieving your environmental goals. Whether you’re a small independent business owner wanting to play a part in reversing climate change or a larger organisation with net zero targets, MyCarbon can help.

The first step to achieving your organisation’s environmental goals is to calculate your organisation’s carbon footprint. By quantifying your organisation’s carbon footprint, you will gain the information required to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and start becoming part of the solution towards climate change.

Once your carbon footprint has been calculated, your organisation will be ready to begin reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a key part in tackling climate change and must be prioritised in any sustainability plans.

MyCarbon is able to provide a full greenhouse gas reduction plan to your organisation in accordance with ISO 14064-2 (Specification with guidance at the project level for quantification, monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emission reductions or removal enhancements).

The final step is to offset the emissions that you cant reduce. At MyCarbon we aim to supply the highest quality carbon offsets available on the carbon credit market. Working together with the U.K.’s leading climate academics, MyCarbon have developed a unique method of scoring carbon credits based on the COP26 Universities Network Offsetting Briefing.

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