My Own Defender LLC

United States, La Verne

Mission is to equip busy people with the necessary skills to defend themselves

Main Services:

Firearms Training , Handgun Training , Slide Milling , Cerakote , Gun Customization , Laser Engraving , FFL , Home Defense Consultations , Gun Stippling , Gun Safety Classes

My Own Defender LLC

Fabio Spinella – Founder of My Own Defender LLC

Experienced firearms instructor and competitive shooter. As a firm believer that people are their own first line of defense, Fabio founded My Own Defender LLC whose mission is to equip busy people with the necessary skills to defend themselves, protect their loved ones, and survive trauma or disaster. To that end Fabio has helped thousands of gun owners acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills to learn when and how to deploy a force multiplier such as a firearm. In addition, Fabio is a Krav Maga black belt and teaches self-defense to every day people who understand the need for empty hand skills. He is a strong education professional currently attaining a second Master’s degree, this time focused in Security Management from the University of Denver. Fabio is a USCCA, NRA, and DOJ certified instructor and is endorsed by Scott Jedlinski (Modern Samurai Project) as one of his trusted Red Dot Pistol instructors.

My Own Defender LLC provides gun safety classes, as well as comprehensive firearms training from the novice to the seasoned competitor shooter and law enforcement tactician. The pedagogy is cutting edge, guided by thousands of hours of training with the world’s best shooters. The featured part of the training program is the 6 Month Comprehensive Handgun Program. This program is:

-A comprehensive 6 month handgun training program to build the protector in YOU

-A way to build your confidence along with your skill that you CAN and SHOULD be able to defend yourself and protect your loved ones.

-Peace of mind that you can handle your firearms safely around your kids and friends.

-A step by step, A to Z program that develops your handgun skills in a well thought-out sequential order.

In addition to firearms training, My Own Defender LLC provides gun customization services specializing in gun stippling, cerakoting, slide milling, and laser engraving.

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