My Own 2 Hands Ltd.

United Kingdom, London

My Own 2 Hands is a new movement to inspire people to start making beautiful, useful things with their hands.

Main Services:

Online course, Craft kit, basket course and kit, spoon carving course and kit

My Own 2 Hands Ltd.

We believe that anyone can learn to make almost anything, and that for many people, making is the unknown missing link to long-term fulfilment and wellbeing. Our platform offers a growing number of specially designed video courses and kits, that let you learn a traditional craft from home and have everything you need delivered to your door. You can learn how to weave a basket, how to carve a spoon or even how to make a bow! Our courses take our students on a journey from absolute beginner to being able to make something they never imagined they could.
The hardest part of making is starting out, but our kits are designed to take all the anxiety and confusion out of the process. All our projects can be done at home with minimal or no tools. We’ll teach you how to get set up and provide everything you need to get started. Start filling your home with things you’ve made yourself that will last forever. Use the web to learn and develop instead of waste time. Let the power of creativity back into your life.

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