My Big Photo Frame

United Kingdom, Newcastle

My journey into the world of picture framing was an unexpected one, stemming from my background as a professional photographer.

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My Big Photo Frame

Seeking ways to optimize costs without compromising on quality, I embarked on a path that would forever reshape my career.

My initial foray into picture framing began with a fortuitous partnership with a seasoned local picture framer. Collaborating closely, I quickly gained insights into the intricate art of crafting mounts that would complement and enhance my photographic works. This hands-on experience evolved, eventually leading to a serendipitous turn of events. As fate would have it, my mentor offered me surplus frame-making equipment, a gesture that not only deepened our connection but also marked the genesis of my journey as a picture framing entrepreneur.

Driven by my passion for online commerce and bolstered by my previous success selling odds and ends on platforms like eBay, I made the pivotal decision to venture into the online picture framing market. The turning point, however, came in the form of an email that altered the trajectory of my business. I received word that an Instant Photography Camera, reminiscent of the iconic Polaroid type, had achieved a staggering sales milestone – a billion units sold during the bustling Christmas season. This revelation served as a resounding “Eureka!” moment, catalyzing a pivotal shift in my approach.

With this newfound inspiration, I conceived a vision that resonated with the evolving landscape of photography. I set out to craft innovative frames tailored to accommodate these diverse formats, each adorned in an array of captivating colors and sizes. The result was a curated collection that seamlessly fused modern photography trends with timeless framing aesthetics.

Over the subsequent years, my venture flourished beyond expectations. The innovative frames designed to embrace the growing world of instant photography became a cornerstone of our offerings. Our commitment to adaptability and growth was unwavering, leading us to expand into various realms of framing. We diversified our portfolio to encompass an array of standard frames, multi-aperture frames that told intricate visual stories, custom-sized frames tailored to individual preferences, and even personalized frames that captured cherished memories in a uniquely intimate manner.

As our business continued to flourish, we remained steadfast in our dedication to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction. Our humble beginnings as a cost-effective solution for a photographer’s needs had transformed into a thriving enterprise that catered to a broader clientele, each frame a testament to our passion for the craft and the remarkable journey that had brought us here.

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