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Mum's the Boss is a lifestyle blog for the mum who has a small business or is working from home.

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Virtual Assistant , Business support

Mum’s the Boss

I cover tips for starting , running and growing your business, but also parenting and lifestyle tips, and advice on productivity, and managing it all at once while keeping (parts of) your sanity.

Work at Home Mum of WAHM, as some people say, used to be a niche lifestyle, but since the pandemic, most of us have had a go at working from home, and many of us have found that it works better for our families than what we were doing previously. Unfortunately though, having it all, means doing it all, all at once, with no rest breaks. Strap in and enjoy the ride!

If you are currently spinning all the plates, come and watch me as I spin mine too. It isn’t always pretty, but it’s always fun!

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"I've been coasting with this website for a few years, but I'm ready to take it up to the next level now. Diib gives me a roadmap to do this. There are simple straightforward things to do every day to make my website better"

Diib review by Mum’s the Boss

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