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Mum Bub Hub CIC

Mum Bub Hub is a line of wellness essentials made with the fourth trimester in mind, rooted in the postpartum traditions of catering to the needs of new mothers by supporting their well-being, physically and emotionally and creating rituals for self-care.

We believe that all women deserve to have an informed postpartum experience, and the resources to sustain their wellbeing in a holistic and accessible manner.

Rooted in holistic postpartum traditions, our wellness products are derived from a blend of wound healing, styptic and antibacterial herbs and extracts which works in sync to soothe the physical discomforts of childbirth, to help you heal, rest and recover.

Our Range

Postpartum recovery isn’t glamorous, and it’s far from easy. To be brutally honest, in your first few weeks with a newborn, you will most likely feel like a sleep-deprived, sore nipple, adult nappy-wearing, bleeding, sweaty mess of a new mum, all while trying to heal and adapt to your new life.

While we can’t make haemorrhoids disappear or perineal tears heal immediately, we’re on a mission to help new mums tackle their recovery with confidence and comfort

From haemorrhoids, vaginal swelling, perineal tears, episiotomies to postpartum bleeding, the MBH collection provides a highly-effective solution for postpartum recovery. Our pregnancy and postpartum essential product range has everything you need to jump-start your recovery after birth, designed to clean, soothe, restore and relieve discomfort. Create your recovery regimen to help you heal, rest and recover from birth.

We’ve got you covered with our mum to be essentials to support your body as your bump grow with super nourishing bump care products and bath soaks to help keep your skin supple and your mind calm during pregnancy and beyond and massage oils to prep your perineum for birth.

Each product delivers postpartum relief for the perineal area. Includes our best-selling witch hazel perineal spray and perineal balm for soothing relief for your tender, bruised, or swollen bits after birth, postpartum herbal bath soak to soothe, relax and maintain your sense of wellbeing in the first few weeks following birth, peri cleansing bottle and lanolin-free nipple balm. They are the best postpartum products to ease recovery after giving birth.

No matter what kind of birth you have, you’re likely to experience bleeding for a good portion of the first six weeks postpartum and Brief-Style Maternity Pads are the best option when bleeding is heavy, especially the first couple of days. They are really comfortable, absorbent and super convenient. You won’t have to worry about leaking through pads with these and you can just toss them in the bin as you would with normal pads when it’s time to change them.

We pride ourselves on using only the best and most efficient, plant-based ingredients – simple formulations derived from homeopathic and traditional practices. We love ingredients like comfrey, plantain leaf and witch hazel, which are “anti” everything! They have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, which can help to soothe, cleanse and heal the vaginal area.

We try to keep things as simple as possible. Every ingredient is included for its therapeutic value so if we don’t need it, we won’t use it. Being kind to the environment is important to us and we are committed to sourcing packaging and materials sustainably and responsibly. Our products are contained in glass bottles and jars and all of our packaging and packaging components can be fully recycled. We try to use the least amount of plastic as possible.

We are intentional in every step of our process, from production to shipping and our wellness products are handmade to order in small batches in our studio in the UK to cut down on waste and reduce our Carbon footprint. As a small independent brand, we are proud to have close working relationships with all of our suppliers which allows us to ensure that our values align.

Our Founders

The concept of Mum Bub Hub grew from a combination of our professional backgrounds and our individual experiences as Mothers.

As beautiful and joyful as it is having a baby, the topic of becoming a mother is such an overwhelming and complex issue. After becoming pregnant with our first babies we both felt extremely unprepared for the realities of giving birth and the aftercare.

So we wanted to create a company that is dedicated solely to the unique needs of new mothers.

A company that creates a space to allow us to get to feel at home in our new bodies and helped us navigate the physical changes and struggles during recovery, with a strong voice communicating the importance of self-care and support for new mothers. A company that acknowledges the inherent strength and beauty that comes with motherhood.

As a social enterprise, all the profits from each product we sell goes directly toward providing access to free perinatal education/support on top of standard maternity care. We also provide access to free tailored specialist support to women who are finding it hard to access any support due to lack of finances, being on waiting lists, or for those who need support but do not know how to access it.

We are committed to advocating for mothers – before, during, and after pregnancy. It’s really important to us that we’re able to provide a platform as well as support for women within our communities, as they’ve inspired us to create Mum Bub Hub.

We are huge advocates of self-care because we know that once baby arrives, very few take the time to really check how Mum is doing and it can be such a vulnerable time for us. We realised that “me-time” was super limited and indulgence and self-care tend to go out the window.

At the heart of Mum Bub Hub, is our passion for empowering mothers and families through their transition into parenthood. The MBH Brand is built on honest conversations that encourages mothers and women to incorporate self-care into their recoveries. To make space to care for themselves during the postpartum period.

Our products are a nudge to remind women to take a few minutes out of their day to self-care. Our hope is that we help mothers to give themselves permission to take care of themselves too, to carve out space for their needs, because true nurturing starts with us.

If you’re looking for a special gift for a new or stressed-out Mama, we’ve got the perfect gift sets & gift ideas, from must-haves to help aid after-birth recovery to little moments of self-care to help them heal, relax and recover. They make the perfect addition to your hospital bag or for recovery at home. Hospital Bag Essentials. Perfect for Mum-to-be Gifts.

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