Mr Treasure Hunt

United States, San Francisco Bay Area

Mr Treasure Hunt was started by Dan Kleiber back in 2002 and has grown into a business that has done more than 2,200 events in over 35 locations around the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in other areas and we feature a fully only event as well.

Main Services:

Team-building events, Treasure hunts, Scavenger hunts, Corporate events, Online treasure hunts, Fully customized treasure hunts, Augmented Reality Treasure Hunts

Mr Treasure Hunt

Our focus on creating events with a range of clue styles and challenge level has helped us grow and received hundreds of great reviews from happy clients. We also include creative photo challenges in our events so we can achieve a balance between analytical tasks and creative tasks, which we have found is enjoyed by the vast majority of clients.
Also, in 2020, we introduced our Augmented Reality app to our events and that has been a very popular additional element. The app has allowed us to create and place virtual markers and messages anywhere in the world which has added a tremendous amount of flexibility and customization to our treasure hunts.
The app also has the ability to recognize images and activate a customized message so this will be ideal for museums and conventions.
Mr Treasure Hunt also offers a fun recap at the end of events where we include prizes and discussion of team dynamics and encourage teams to talk about how they worked together and any challenges they have had during the treasure hunt.
Mr Treasure Hunt events contain three essential team-building parts:
1) Solve: Teams work together to decipher and solve fun and challenging written clues which will help them determine where the clue solution is located. Teams are encouraged to work together and use all available resources to solve the clues.
2) Explore: This phase involves teams walking to the locations they have solved and marked on their provided maps. Effective teams will employ strategy in this phase to determine the order in which they should head to each clue location;. Since teams understand the treasure hunt is a competitive event, they take the solving and navigating phase very seriously.
3) Create: In this phase of the event, teams refer to a list of photo/creative challenges where they work together to create scenes or stories which will be shown or told to the facilitator at the end of the event for additional points. Teams are encourages to show as much creativity as possible as bonus points may be awarded for especially fun or creative stories or photos, etc.

Mr Treasure Hunt takes pride in creating events that will get teams working together-and ensuring that every team member can contribute to team success.

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