Move Freely Sports Therapy

United Kingdom, Edinburgh

Physiotherapy clinic

Main Services:

Physiotherapy , Back pain specialist , IDD spinal decompression therapy , Sports injury rehabilitation , Sports massage , Personal training , Spinal mobilisation (Tamars) , Deep tissue laser therapy , Dry needling , Post surgical rehabilitation

Move Freely Sports Therapy

We are Move Freely Sports Therapy, Edinburgh’s number one physiotherapy clinic – helping people move better, feel better and perform better. through physio, health and fitness.

Our primary focus is our unique Move Freely approach of looking at the body as a whole. Seeing the person first, pain second. Our program is designed for people who are ready to finally change their lifestyle for long-lasting change and become committed to protecting their health, minimising pain and enjoying life to the full.

Our patients are listened to and understood so they can get the help and guidance they need to regain confidence and feel good about themselves again. We put the whole person first, treating everyone equally and respectfully and dealing with the whole person not just the problem or issue that is troubling them. We are accountable to our patients, and we make sure we remain transparent by measuring our delivery and success throughout the process. We design all interventions specific to each individual patient’s needs.
Our Core Values are TEAMWORK, LOYALTY and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT and we seek to attract world-class professionals to work with us. We protect our staff and our clients to the highest degree and are proud of the impact and influence we have across Edinburgh and beyond. We are regarded as an exemplary team of physiotherapists and company. Why do we have such a high success rate? This is largely due to the team, but also to our workplace culture which is driven by teamwork, loyalty, and a continuous improvement mindset. We are the best in Edinburgh at helping people get out of pain and stay focused on health and fitness to ensure long-lasting results. Our Core Values help us drive consistent, sustainable and measurable results. We aim to help people all over Scotland get out of pain and stay pain-free for the long term and believe we are well on our way to achieving this goal!

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