Monetic Corp Consultants Pvt Ltd

India, New Delhi

Registrationwala is India's leading online portal for businesses/startups.

Main Services:

Insurance Broker License, IP1 Registration, ISP Licenses, VNO Licenses, NLD License, Insurance Corporate Agent, Insurance Marketing Firm, Insurance Web Aggregator, RIA License , NBFC Registration, Legal Metrology, Chartered Accountants

Monetic Corp Consultants Pvt Ltd

When it comes to decoding various legal and regulatory requirements, Registrationwala is the ‘partner of choice’ for large corporations including Fortune500 companies. So far we have assisted 100+ global brands in getting regulatory approvals from authorities and helped them with strategic decisions related to FDI.

In crux, backed by colossal experience, professionals at Registrationwala hold the hands of business owners & entrepreneurs, and provide various services for smooth functioning of their business operations, ranging from strategic planning to acquiring the proper licenses/permits to run the business.

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