Modern Muse Studio

United States, Oklahoma City

Modern Muse Studio is an award-winning photography studio based in Oklahoma City, OK specializing in beautiful boudoir and fine art portraiture for women.

Main Services:

Boudoir photography, portrait photography, digital images, custom albums, mobile gallery app, wall art

Modern Muse Studio

Owners Ashley Layden and Christie Conyer have a combined experience of over 20 years of photographing women of all sizes, ages, and comfort levels. Aside from the beautiful imagery that is produced, Ashley and Christie provide the ultimate photoshoot experience. This experience provides a safe space where women can step outside their comfort zone, let go, and be empowered. Ashley and Christie ensure the process is easy by waking their clients from start to finish. The after-effect is nothing short of bulletproof confidence and renewed worthiness. And the gorgeous images are the icing on top.
All of Modern Muse’s photo shoot experiences start with our Planning and Preparation Guide including a comprehensive wardrobe guide. Planning for the photoshoot allows the clients to feel more at ease and what to expect when coming in for their session. The day of their photoshoot begins with professional hair and makeup by Ashley Tolman Beauty. Ashley has been part of the Modern Muse beauty team for 9 years and is considered one of the best freelance hair and makeup people in the country. Hair and makeup are customized to the client’s desires and are a huge part of the overall aesthetic formula. Once hair and makeup are completed, Ashley and Christie walk the client through every pose from the top of their head down to the tips of their toes. Through the “Muse Posing System”, every client can execute body poses and facial expressions that are guaranteed to look like a supermodel. Once the photo session is photographed, the client will go have a 60-minute lunch or coffee break while their images are being processed. Once back from the break, clients will get to view and choose the magazine-quality edited images that they want to purchase. Christie and Ashley will wonderfully guide the clients by helping with any decisions on displaying their images through products such as digital images, heirloom albums, and stunning metal wall art.
Modern Muse Studio fiercely guards its client’s privacy. They only share images with a written contract and consent. Due to the intimate nature of their work, they use only professional labs that are experienced in keeping their products and images discreet.
There is no wonder why Modern Muse has so many 5-star reviews and has photographed thousands of women. Ashley and Christie care deeply about why women are coming in for a session and customize a session around them. There is no better way to uplift and instill confidence than a boudoir portrait session.

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