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Modera is a globally available cloud based Web / Sales & CRM platform used by Car Dealers, regional Importers and Car Manufactures, supporting 30+ automotive brands.

Main Services:

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Why choose Modera Salesfront?

Modera Salesfront is an all-in-one CRM solution for your dealership that helps to solve most common problems that occur in the car sales field. If you are looking for ways to make your dealership more effective, reduce the time wasted on different processes that could be simplified or if you need a better understanding of your team’s weak points, Modera Salesfront is perfect for you.

What problems Modera helps to solve?

Modera Salesfront is an online CRM software designed to help businesses manage leads, contacts, sales pipelines, and more. The platform enables managers to track, organize, and manage customer interactions across multiple channels.

Administrators can build and nurture sales pipelines by creating campaigns, sending emails and SMS messages, monitoring social media conversations, and more. Additionally, Modera Salesfront allows teams to collaborate on sales activities, manage accounts, and run reports.

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