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Genova NutrEval, Genova GI Effects, Elisa-LRA, Genova methylation panel.

Mind Body Neurology, PLLC

Mind Body Neurology is a Health Consulting company. We utilize integrative medicine (functional medicine) approach to resolve chronic health issues, especially related to nervous system, such as brain fog, memory issues, migraines, fatigue. We focus on four areas that matter the most: environmental inputs, lifestyle, mindset and nutrition. This is a bases for balance protocol, that we utilize in our program.
We use advanced integrative medicine laboratory testing to personalize our approach. Each person is unique and there is not protocol that is universal. There is not universal diet either. We individualize nutritional recommendations based on laboratory data. We use supplements sparingly and only for a short duration of time.
This is the most comprehensive approach that exists because it covers all areas that are affecting out health

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"Diib has a very holistic view of the website. It provided targeted recommendations that are very personalized. In addition, DIIB has multiple serviced available to help website owners to get ahead."

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