MikeBowden.com WordPress insights from a full-stack developer

United States, Atlanta

Mike is an experienced full-stack web developer specializing in designing, building, and customizing WordPress websites.

Main Services:

Free Education, Online Courses, Consulting, Website Design & Development, Web Hosting, WordPress Services

MikeBowden.com WordPress insights from a full-stack developer

He owns and operates multiple small web development and management businesses, including OnBudgetServices.com and YourWPManager.com. Mike is also working on several programming projects and SaaS a couple of services.

In addition to his web development expertise, Mike is passionate about the maker space and is well-versed in additive and subtractive manufacturing (3D Printing & CNC) and woodworking. He enjoys creating, designing, and making and is dedicated to teaching others and empowering them to pursue their interests.

Mike’s blog is a platform where he shares his passion for technology and the projects he is working on. He primarily writes about WordPress but also writes about anything dealing with full-stack development, systems administration, micro-computers, virtual environments, and anything dealing with computers.

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