Midlands carpet cleaners

United Kingdom, Birmingham

Because we work to a high standard and invest in the latest machines so that we can give you the most thorough cleaning ever and we carry lots of different machines.

Main Services:

Curtains, High backed chairs, Lounge, Bedroom, Hallway lounge entrance., Upholstery. Two piece suite. Three piece suite. Corner sofa., Headboard Bed frame Mattress., Love seat Arm chair., Couches

Midlands carpet cleaners

For commercial carpet cleaning jobs, we use a CRB (Counter-rotating brush) Machine before extraction this removes hair dirt and dander that vacuuming and just extraction won’t this is what a deep clean should consist of. Or we use the Texatherm system which is a low moisture system.
For flats, we use a smaller but just as powerful Air Flex mini carpet extraction machine that is easy to lift upstairs, ones that are low moisture for businesses that need to be up and running straight away or have delicate machinery that needs very little moisture near it. We have the latest machines that remove pet hairs and stubborn soiling that would normally be left on the carpet.
Also, we have one of the most powerful carpet cleaning machines available that leaves your carpets not only cleaner but drier than ever.

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