Mi De Doodles

United States, Columbus

Dog breeders of health tested goldendoodle, labradoodle and bernedoodle puppies.

Main Services:

Goldendoodle puppies, Labradoodle Puppies, Bernedoodle Puppies

Mi De Doodles

All of our breeding dogs have had complete health testing including genetics, hips, elbows, patella, cariac and eyes. Then in addition we also run genetic testing on each puppy.

Our puppies begin life in our puppy nursery inside our home. At 3 days old we begin light handling of them to perform early neurological stimulation and early scent introduction. Studies indicate that this makes a dog stonger heart beat, improved cardiovascular performance, stronger adrendal glands and helps them resist disease more effectively.

When they are 16 days old we begin using a tested curriculum to help them build confidence and to become the best dog they can be. We incorporate litter training which leads to pups that are easily housetrained. Puppies learn that they don’t need entertained constantly but rather who provide items that help them self soothe. Around 5 weeks we start introducing them to a crate and about 95% are crate trained when they leave.

We offer a lifetime health guarantee against debilitating and life threatening genetic diseases. Lifetime support for all of our families.

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