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Kim Saeed is a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert, transformative educator, renowned speaker, and bestselling author of How to Do No Contact Like a Boss! Frustrated by the lack of information and support in her own journey toward narcissistic abuse recovery, she was inspired to develop her own collective space to help others break the narcissistic spell. Today, has reached over 195 countries and has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives. Kim is the founder of The New Life Academy, an online school devoted to helping narcissistic abuse survivors restore their self-esteem and create meaningful, fulfilling lives.

Kim asserts that, when harnessed appropriately, devastating and abusive situations can become the catalysts for profound transformation. She believes that no one deserves to remain a victim of generational dysfunction or abusive relationships. Furthermore, she believes that all survivors have the ability to flourish, thrive, and create an ideal life in recovery.

Kim has always been passionate about advocacy and education. She has her Bachelor of Education with a multidisciplinary background in teaching, psychology, organizational development, and research.

Her work has been shared in non-profit women’s shelters and lauded by therapists and mental health experts. If you struggle and have a hard time, consider enrollment in The Break Free Program.

You can find Kim’s work and sign up for her newsletter at

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