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Medsum Labs is the leading provider of medical records review solutions for law firms.

Main Services:

Medical Chronology, Narrative Medical Summary, Settlement Demand Letters, Medical Billing Summary, Plaintiff Fact Sheets, Mass Tort Case reviews

Medsum Labs, Inc.

We’ve worked on thousands of personal injury cases involving whiplash injuries, shoulder rotator cuff injuries, back injuries, brain and head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and internal injuries. Our services include Medical chronology, Narrative summary, Settlement demand letters, and Plaintiff fact sheets.

Our process involves handpicking reviewers with specialties related to your case, ensuring that you have a complete and thorough analysis. In addition, we work with you to create custom reports that exceed your expectations for quality, turnaround time, and cost.

Reports like our medical chronology can be used during depositions, pre-trial motions, settlement conferences, and trials. Our medical chronologies comprehensively detail your client’s medical history and give you quick access to essential information. Our Chronology can be customized to your case needs. We offer two formats: Succinct, which condenses the chronology into critical events, and Comprehensive, which includes all the details. Our medical record chronologies are neutral, fact-based, and analytical, so you don’t have to worry about misinterpreting them. We’re compatible with both narrative and verbatim formats. We can deliver the final work product in Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheets, and PDF. You can choose the medical chronology template that best fits your needs and how detailed you want your chronology to be. Cut down on areas that aren’t critical and concentrate on areas that need an in-depth review. Here is an example of our custom reports: Comparing and contrasting the injuries before and after an accident in a personal injury case. A report with details of Vital signs, Fetal monitoring strips, vaginal exam, etc., in a labor and delivery case.

We pride ourselves on our process, which allows us to structure your case’s chronology meticulously. We begin by indexing and reviewing the records thoroughly to determine the nature and extent of your injuries/damages. Then we concisely summarize the medical records rather than just cut and paste them verbatim. We highlight important information like damages, pain, suffering, causation, surgeries (if any), diminished quality of life, etc. In addition, we indicate any contradictory information like missing records, patient’s name errors, or doctor’s name confusion in the chronology as per the reviewer’s remarks section. We also do not add duplicate and irrelevant records to the chronology.

At Medsum Labs, When we identify missing medical records critical to a case, we will notify you and ask you to follow up with the provider. Let us know if you want to get the missing records, resubmit the order, or move forward by preparing a chronology with the available records. Once you get us the additional medical records, we will revise your chronology and highlight the additions in a different color so that your staff can quickly identify them.

Our medical chronologies will help you navigate the review process more efficient and reduce costs. Likewise, our analysis will result in more efficient reviews and lower costs. Regarding data protection at Medsum Labs, we have designed our security measures to protect your data, including but not limited to our proprietary secure file upload portal (Powered by AWS), AES 256-bit encryption, HIPAA-compliant training, and IP-restricted file access.

At Medsum Labs, we believe there’s a better way to review medical records. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality service and hope to show you how much better we are than doing things the old way.

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