Mayhem Canyon Mineral Co.

United States, Golden Valley

My name is Greg, and I am the head of a most unique and incredible family.

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Ecommerce, Gemstones, Rocks and Minerals, Gold, Silver, Iron, Steel, Home Decor

Mayhem Canyon Mineral Co.

I have spent 20 years in SEO and ecommerce, with multiple successes under my belt across a number of interesting niches. My wife is a CNA and caretaker for our youngest son who has severe Cerebral Palsy. Combined, we have 7 Amazing children! Our family has always gold panned, prospected, rock collected, and hunted gemstones throughout the united states… and we are bringing our favorite pass-time into the world with Mayhem Canyon Mineral Co.

We are not only an ecommerce store for rustic decor and gemstones / minerals, but we are working towards a functional gold mine right here in Arizona! Our dream for our family is to create the first “all Renewable (Solar)” and all Electric small scale gold and silver mine, using EV excavators and bulldozers (currently made by volvo) and panels and batteries (hoping to use Tesla Equipment!) we want to make our property one of the first truly 100% clean and efficient mines in the united states!

We have a personal story too. Our (nearly) 18 year old has spent her life as Dylan, but now she’s Jenny! That’s right, our kid is trans and has wanted to spend her life running heavy machinery ever since she was a little child! This dream not only allows us to forge a new way of collecting precious and vital minerals from the earth, but gives our kid the job shes always dreamed of… proving that love and dedication can overcome any stigma or stereotype!

WE hope that in the next year, the ecommerce business here at will help us fund the operations on our mineral property, and allow us to give our kids a legacy they can truly be proud of! Follow along as we grow this dream and share it with the world on social media in the months to come!

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