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The idea of MasterDATA was planted in the mid-1970s when Larry Carhartt, our CEO, and founder, was asked for a list of the holdings of the Standard and Poor's' 500 Index.

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It was simply “Not available” and could not be obtained. Twenty years later, again someone asked the same question and again, “Not available”. Larry called (after endless transfers and messages) the president of S & P Corp. and arranged to obtain the list of daily holdings via a new thing called the Internet. The list was shared with several money managers. Additional indexes were added to the daily collection. Then along came Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and the first few hundred ETFs were added to the daily collection. Over the next several years, the number of ETFs exploded to over 3000 today. All are included in the current collection report as well as many of the world’s indexes including the S&P 500 index.

MasterDATA now provides daily updated holdings lists and ETF data for over 3000 ETPs (Exchange Traded Products) to some of the largest money managers, hedge fund managers, and ETF providers as well as many of the primary data vendors in the global securities market. We are just getting started.

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