Master Docks, Inc.

United States, Inman

Master Docks was originally started in 2003 by Greg Herbst as Superior Docks and in 2018 the business was sold to David van den Bosch and renamed to Master Docks.

Main Services:

Boat dock, Covered Boat Dock, Aluminum Floating Dock, Steel Floating Dock, Boat lift, PWC Lift, Platform Dock, Wood Dock, Dock Accessories, Custom Dock

Master Docks, Inc.

The name Master Docks was chosen to reflect that we truly want to craft a better lake life for our customers with a quality crafted dock. Master Docks prides itself on custom building aluminum and steel floating boat docks. David van den Bosch is the owner and he has a background in engineering, quality and operational excellence. In 2023 Master Docks opened a second location in Greenwood South Carolina.
Master Docks services 40 plus lakes in South Carolina, North Carolina and North Georgia. Servicing that many lakes we have expertise in dealing with different lake management requirements, county requirements, and state requirements. Also each lake has different water situations, from shallow, to deep, calm to rough water, constant water levels and fluctuating water levels. Master Docks represents several boat lift manufacturers and has the expertise to recommend and install the perfect boat lift for every lake and boat.
Products that Master Docks offers are platform docks, simple docks either made out of wood, aluminum or steel with standard sizes of 4×8, 10×12, 10×16, 12×18 and 12×20. But the main docks that are fabricated are covered docks, with Gable roof, Hip Roof, Compound hip and Upper Sun deck. The covered dock standard sizes are 24×28, 26×30 and typically have a boat slip of 10×24 or 10×26. Besides standard docks Master Docks can build any size or layout.
The last category of docks are marina’s. Master Docks can build floating marina’s based on customer requirement.
In order to make sure the docks are safe and functional all design is done with 3D modelling software and then the final prints are signed by a Professional Engineer.
For the most part customers want to park their boat at their boat dock to have it close by and easy access to the water. When the boat is just sitting in the water it will get dirty, has a chance to fill up with rain water and potentially sink. So in order to keep the boat clean and dry Master Docks also sells and installs a variety of Boat lifts and PWC lifts. These lifts have different capaibilities like deep water drive on ports and air displacement lifts. Or shallow water lifts like cable lifts, cantilevered lifts. Boathouse lifts are cable lifts that mount inside a boat house. Piling lifts to mount on 4 pilings and high capacity hydraulic lifts for heavy boats.
Master Docks represents the following boat lift manufacturers: Float Air, Sunstream, Wave Armor, Hewitt and BH-USA.
Customers also want to have accessories on their docks so we sell items like a swim bench, dock ladders, Kayak Launches, cleats, bumpers, Cupola’s and weather vanes, dock boxes, dock lighting, dock storage loft, solar power systems, doggy ladders, swim raft, sound system and so on.
Master Docks also repairs all their own docks and can perform inspection and boat dock repair service on other manufacturers docks. Our barges are fitted out with welding equipment so welding repairs can be done on the water. Repair services we offer are, welding repairs, redecking, demolition, dock frame additions, roof additions, emergency repairs, refloating, painting, staining, dock relocation, hydraulic repairs and more.
Master Docks uses a defined process from start to finish for installing a new dock. First of we have a dedicated dock specialist work with our customer to creat the ideal design, once the design is formalized a 10% schedule deposit is collected and then Master Docks will apply or assist with applying for the dock permit, the designs will be engineered and once permit is approved a material deposit will be collected at which time all materials will be ordered. As soon as the materials are in house the production is scheduled and customer is informed of the delivery time frame. Master Docks only uses in house dock builders and does not sub out work to contractors, our lake teams will come out and install the dock on site at the lake house. We do all our work of the barge and will only need to be very minimally on the property if at all. Once the dock is complete a walk through is done and punch list is created if needed. Once the customer is happy with the build the final payment will be collected. We pride ourselves in the quality of work we do, one of our companyy values is to “Create Raving Fans” and our credo is that “We’re not happy until you’re happy!”

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