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At Massage Mastery Online, our mission is to inspire life-long learning in the massage profession through exceptional content, research-informed instructional design, and user-friendly online innovation.

To achieve this mission, we create full-featured, interactive digital massage textbooks for massage students, ancillary and curriculum packages for schools and instructors, and online continuing education for massage professionals.
We are dedicated to high-quality materials, designed to entice users through web innovations that make learning more efficient, effective, and enjoyable. To that end, our digital massage textbooks and massage CE courses are filled with striking images, plenty of video, interviews with unique voices, learning games, and other features that make the process of learning more fun.

An important part of our mission is to help massage students struggling with learning challenges overcome the obstacles that might prevent them from their dream of a career in massage therapy. We do this by using video, listen-along audio, a text translation feature that instantly changes the text to most languages, and through strong instructional design and highly organized content.

The digital textbooks we’re producing at Massage Mastery Online are not like anything you’ve seen before! These interactive learning resources come alive with striking images, video, interactive content, audio, learning games, critical-thinking scenarios, instant feedback, and more. You can check out the site to explore the instructional design behind the features we’re using to enhance learning and create unique educational experiences for our users.

We say that our massage textbooks are better than a textbook because not only are they designed to help learners, but they have functionality for teachers and administrators that can’t be built into a physical textbook. In the group management area of our site, instructors can view student cohorts, assign textbooks to students, assign teachers and other administrators to manage students, view student progress through the textbook and completion of reading assignments, and analyze their quiz scores.

Administrators can request Group Leader status that allow them to purchase textbooks at deeply discounted wholesale prices. The purchase process is self-managed and the wholesale price applies to any purchase, whether you are buying one or one hundred.

When you purchase select textbooks like “Massage Mastery: From Student to Professional” or “Spa Bodywork for Massage Professionals” you can request extensive ancillary packages that include massage lesson plans, study guides, and PowerPoint slides.

We have free resources as well. The Massage Mastery instructor’s blog includes articles on learning theory and instructional design, videos, and ideas for classroom activities. Any resources we create for students show up in the instructor’s blog so that you know what we’re sharing with students. Use these resources freely and share them with other faculty and students.

In the fall of 2022, look for the launch of Classroom Coach, a series of bi-weekly video broadcasts covering issues of importance to school administrators and massage instructors.

Making the switch to a digital massage book is easy and we’ll even map the content of our textbooks to your curriculum for you.

We have not forgotten about practicing massage therapists. All the great features that are included in our massage textbooks can be found in our engaging continuing education courses. At Massage Mastery Online, you’ll find visually stunning massage CE courses that are filled with images, video, and listen-along audio. The courses are all “chunked” into bite-sized modules so you can fit learning into the margins of your life: While out for a walk, waiting for a client, or enjoying your morning coffee.

All Massage Mastery Online CE courses are approved by NCBTMB and accepted by most states for license renewal. However, each state is a little different. Follow the “massage CE requirements” link on our site to review your state continuing education requirements and check to ensure that Massage Mastery courses are accepted in your state.

We offer a broad range of massage courses. Some current titles include:
• Aromatherapy Foundations for People Serious About Authentic Aromatherapy: This comprehensive, research-informed course is perfect for therapists who want to build high-level aromatherapy knowledge. This course offers 8 NCBTMB-approved CE hours.
• Pregnancy Massage: If you’ve wanted to explore working more regularly with pregnant clients, but feared you lacked the proper skill foundation, this course will give you the confidence you need to pursue this goal. Video demonstrations walk us through the subtleties of draping, positioning, and technique adaptations. Written by Eric Brown, in consultation with Dr. Nuwanthi Fernando, MD, and Raissa Sauve, RMT and Certified Doula.
• Personal Space & Personal Boundaries in Massage Practice: This fascinating exploration helps us understand, establish, and maintain our personal space and personal boundaries to build healthy therapeutic relationships with massage clients. This course offers 4 NCBTMB-approved ethics CE hours.
• Teach Touch to Your Community: Let’s make touch a positive social value. We’ll lead you step-by-step through the process of conducting simple massage workshops in your community. You’ll learn how to teach powerful, but easy-to-master techniques that connect people in safe ways.
• Preventing Disease Transmission in a Massage Practice: The COVID-19 pandemic reminded the massage profession that our knowledge base related to disease prevention should be an ongoing area for continuing education. This practical and comprehensive course offers 8 NCBTMB-approved CE hours.
• Chair Massage Techniques: Learn effective stress-free chair massage techniques in the most comprehensive guide to seated massage you’ll find anywhere. Learn how to do anything from a two-minute massage at the 9th hole on the golf course to a one-hour full-body massage right in the chair.
• Essential Boundary Skills in an Ethical Massage Practice: Together, we’ll deepen our understanding of boundary types, forms, and violations. We’ll use simple but powerful communication skills that make it easier to maintain healthy therapeutic relationships.
• 60 Clients in 60 Days: Forget the myth that it takes years to fill a practice. You can fill your practice in just weeks if you know how. Try this course to discover how to get a steady stream of clients into your practice even if you have no money and hate marketing.
• Launch Your Client Email Newsletter: Most clients don’t stop seeing you because they didn’t like your massage. They simply got caught up in their busy lives and forgot to take care of themselves. That’s why it’s essential to keep in regular contact. And the best way to do that is through an email newsletter.
• New courses are released monthly

Our lives have been dedicated to massage education and to making education more accessible and fun for a profession we love. We are excited to share our textbooks and courses with massage professionals everywhere and welcome your feedback. If you want to know more about our individual stories, see our bios. Better yet, check out a course or textbook and learn something new!

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