ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop

United States, Spring, TX

ManBasics is the original Speakeasy Barbershop

Main Services:

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ManBasics Speakeasy Barbershop

ManBasics is the original Speakeasy Barbershop. Come experience the best barbers and stylists each area location has to offer, all while enjoying a complimentary cocktail (we specialize in the Whiskey Old Fashioned!). You will leave ManBasics looking and feeling GREAT!

Don’t settle for a boring, same old same old haircut. Why settle for ESPN and boring pop music when you could get ManBasics experience. We feature classic big band and swing music while playing classic movies.

Our unique speakeasy concept puts the “Bar” into “Barbershop”. Our full bar offers complimentary cocktails for all. Don’t settle for beer in a plastic cup from those other guys . . . why not have a handcrafted Whiskey Old Fashioned in a crystal tumbler, or a craft beer served in a pint glass? After all, we aren’t savages, are we? We always feature two draft beers from a local brewery to offer not only great beer but support our fellow local businesses.

We also always have a featured “Drink of the Month” so be sure to ask your “Butler” about it!

Yeah, we mentioned that you have a Butler right? So much more than a bartender, the butler is there to get you checked in, make sure you have a drink, and generally make sure you have everything you need while you are hanging out at ManBasics.

Oh, and by the way, while hanging out be sure to check out our mercantile, which features a wide array of all-natural and handcrafted men’s personal care products.

Got a beard? Check out our line of all-natural beard oils and beard balms. We use nothing but all-natural ingredients to help your beard be healthy and awesome.

Clean-shaven? We have a full line of wet shaving products. Straight razors, safety razors, shaving soap, badger hair brushes, you name it we have it.
Don’t forget to smell a few of our all-natural soaps (careful, once you buy a handcrafted soap you will never go back!). Handcrafted soaps smell amazing and won’t leave your skin feeling dried out like cheap store-bought soaps.

Simply put, ManBasics is the best barbershop experience you will ever have.

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