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Mamiina is an online baby store specialising in teething products for babies.

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Many of our products are hand-made in-house using a selection of natural rubber or silicone components. All our bespoke teething products are fully safety tested right here in the UK.

Mamiina began at the start of the Covid pandemic, shortly after the birth of our daughter. Our own research on teething products for our baby ultimately led us down the path of setting up our own business. Having our own baby gave us the unique opportunity not only to sell baby products, but also see them in daily use, and watch how our baby interacts with each different design. Shortly after the start of the pandemic my own career as an English language teacher to foreign students came to a halt. With air travel either suspended or severely restricted, the number of students travelling to the UK almost disappeared overnight. Whilst worrying at first, this did give me the opportunity and the drive to focus 100% of my spare time on researching products and business ideas Mamiina.

Teething necklaces were a godsend for me during my breastfeeding months. A teething necklace serves as a distraction for babies, giving them something to play with whilst feeding, rather than the usual clawing at the boob while they feed. Creating new teething necklaces for mums is as much of a hobby as a business, and its great to experiment with different colours, designs, and style of beads. You can quickly end up with a necklace for all occasions, and if you are one who likes to accessorise then the possibilities are endless. You can even coordinate one of our teething necklaces with a matching dummy clip or silicone teething ring for your baby from our extensive range.

It should be mentioned that our teething necklaces are specifically design for mums to wear, and not babies. There is a worrying trend to see parents putting teething necklaces on their babies. This has unfortunately resulted in some well documented cases involving the passing of your children through strangulation. We would strongly encourage any parent considering a teething necklace for a baby to wear to reconsider. We wrote a blog on our website going into more detail regarding this. All our teething necklaces come with a safety card included with a clear warning not to leave your baby unattended with any form of necklace.

Our silicone dummy clips are a great solution for keeping your baby’s dummy, soother, or pacifier hygienic and from dropping on the floor. Made to exacting standards and safety tested they are a must-have accessory. Not only do they keep the dummy hygenic, but equally as important, they keep it within easy reach of your baby, so no more tantrums when they’ve thrown their dummy out of the pram, another win-win.

We compliment our dummy clips with a full range of Dummies, soothers and pacifiers from the Elodie range of baby accessories. These designer dummies are one of our best sellers, with a style to suit all tastes. They also come in different sizes for newborns or toddlers.

Also in styles that will match with your dummy clips, are our bespoke silicone teething rings. These are made by us, and fully safety tested. They are made using silicone beads which really help to ease your baby’s teething pain when they nibble on the firm rubber. Some of our teething rings also come with additional wooden elements. These turn a functional teething toy into a rattle and sensory toy. The rings are made from Beech wood and are safe for your baby to chew on. With our plain silicone teething rings, cleaning is easy. They can be placed in your baby steriliser along with baby bottles and dummies. They can even be put in the top shelf of your dishwasher if you prefer.

Due to the popularity of our teething toys it has not always been possible to keep up with demand due to constraints on our own time. Its hard work trying to run a business with a toddler. To that end we now stock additional ranges of teething rings and teething rattles from other high-quality vendors including Aubrey&Co.

Over time Mamiina has increased the number of products in the store, going well beyond just teething toys, and now stocking a number of popular high-quality baby toys, from soft dolls to wooden toys. Our main aim is to keep things natural, avoiding plastic toys wherever possible. The toys we do sell are strongly aimed at learning, helping babies to develop their fine motor skills and senses.

A popular brand in our range comes from Mushie. The range includes a number of different styles of silicone themed teething toys in a range of colours that suits our brand. These have been so popular that we have slowly increased the range of Mushie products we sell to include their lovely soft comforters, baby cream and baby oil, and their incredibly popular silicone training toothbrushes. These training tooth brushes are ideal for little ones. The soft rubber toothbrush head in place of regular bristles is far kinder on your baby’s teeth and gums, and the removable safety shroud ensures they won’t put the toothbrush too far down their throat when they are brushing themselves. In addition we also stock some fantastic Mushie stacking toys and sensory toys. The mobile phone push toy is very popular.

One of our favourite ranges is the Kaloo dolls. These beautifully made dolls come from a company in France, and there’s a large selection to choose from. Each doll in their range comes in a stylish presentation box, making them a perfect gift for all occasions, from birthdays to Christmas, and everything in between.

The newest product we have added to our online baby store is the fantastic range of Childrens buckets and spades from scrunch. These are made from a soft rubber and as the name implies can be scrunched flat. They are the perfect bucket and spade from travelling with, simply stuff them in the corner of your suitcase and they take up next to no room at all. Ours stays scrunched up in the bottom of the baby buggy just in case we come across a park with a sandpit on our days out.

More recently, Mamiina has been exhibiting our products at various shopping fairs and county shows. Its been great seeing the reaction to our products in person, and meeting many new parents who are just starting out in their journey, and facing all the difficulties we have already been through.

It has been mentioned several times at these events that Mamiina has a definite ‘feel’ to it, and looking at our website you can clearly see there’s a theme. My partner and I do tend to have very similar tastes and consult on all new products that are added to the range. We tend to gravitate very much towards more earthy and pastel type colours, which can be seen in our silicone teething products. Some of our more colourful products come in the form of Lanco teething toys. These are made from natural rubber from the Hevea tree. We love this brand as all the teething toys come in fun colours and themes. The animal themed teethers in particular are very much loved by our little one, especially at bath time.

We provide gift boxes for all occasions, from baby showers, to birthdays and of course Christmas. Our standard boxes include a range of accessories for newborn babies, but we can also provide bespoke gift boxes containing your choice of products from our large range.

Mamiina aims to continue growing the business, adding a larger selection of teething accessories and toys, as well as increasing the range to include larger items, and specialised items for baby health care. Our expansion also forced a huge rethink on our website, and earlier this year it underwent a complete redevelopment with a completely bespoke build process to accommodate our growing inventory of products. Having a partner who is a web developer by trade means our website is always kept fully up to date with secure online ordering at all times.

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