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The Ultimate Guide For First Time Managers

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I’m a dedicated management professional, with over ten years of experience in the hospitality industry. Having worked in management positions for various hotel brands, I was able to polish my management skills and developed a notable ability to handle teams.

I have taken my experience and put it together into a book – Management For Beginners, The Ultimate Guide For First Time Managers; with hope, it will help new managers (or the aspiring ones!) to smoothen the transition process into new roles, learn how to overcome the pressures coming with more responsibilities and enhance the people skills.

The book talks about:
– getting your basics right – understanding your management style and desirable traits of a good manager
– improving things around you – the importance of effective communication and how to develop a high performing team
– managers role a mentor, a coach and a trainer – the influence you can have on your team and how to help them grow
– coping with the arising issues – overcoming stress and learning what a modern manager needs to know
– how to look after yourself, own growth and how to avoid burnout.

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