Mallorca Catering

Spain, Palma

At Mallorca Catering, we are genuinely passionate about all kinds of food, from the classic to the contemporary and the modern to the traditional.

Main Services:

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Mallorca Catering

We continue to build on our enviable catering reputation. Our core company values are honesty, reliability, and efficiency. We promise all our clients a unique, stylish service for their celebration.

Mallorca Catering has been on the beautiful island of Mallorca from as far back as 1999. Whilst over the years we have become famous for our delicious Hog Roast and Paella menus.

A real passionate chef is driven not only by food. But by the detail, imagination, and excellence that he brings to each dish. Each menu I create comes from the heart. It reflects who I am, not only as a chef but also as a person.

For 22 years, I have been on a continuous, journey of discovery.

I have worked with amazing people. I have listened to their stories, wishes, and desires. Then translated these into mouth-watering dishes and delicious desserts.

Simply put, I love great food.

Our motivation is to create a variety of tastes and textures that bring the taste buds to life. Sitting around a table, to relax, share good food, wine, conversation, and laughter. Our most intimate moments and memories have connections with food and its culture.

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