United States

Malgo has been created in order to combine multiple services into one easy to use solution.

Main Services:

Time Tracking,Task Boards, Invoicing, Webmaster Tools, Time Management, Productivity Tools, Accounting Reports, Social Project Management, Client Management, Workspaces


Managing tasks, time tracking and billing clients for your time tracked. Now Malgo is headed from this starting concept of what I needed, into what clients and other users are asking for.
New features the Malgo team is implementing include chat, a daily manager, and dashboard. Eventually, the team wants Malgo to have a plugin marketplace to expand the available features even more while keeping Malgo clean and simple to use.
The iOS and Android mobile applications are currently in development, with an April 15th, 2023 release date. The MacOS and Windows desktop applications should be released about a month after the mobile applications.
Stay tuned for the new features above and more, as well as the mobile & desktop apps.

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