United States is an email verification tool that helps improve the delivery rate of your campaigns by cleaning your email list of outdated or invalid entries.

Main Services:

Email verification , Email list validation

This helps to prevent a high bounce rate and potential blocking of your emails by email service providers (ESPs). Our goal is to maintain the reputation of your email account by ensuring that your emails are being sent to valid, verified addresses.

Bounce prevention: An email bounce occurs when there is a delivery failure. This can happen for multiple reasons. A “soft bounce” occurs when a recipient’s inbox is full or is temporarily not accessible. Soft bounces are workable. A “hard bounce” occurs when the email account has blocked you, the email address isn’t correct, or it is invalid. Hard bounces require more work on the backend to determine why the email is not delivering. MailVerifier identifies email addresses that are most likely to result in hard bounces. This helps you better manage your email list.

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