Magnus Nutrition

Slovenia, Ljubljana

MAGNUS NUTRITION is a new generation sports nutrition company

Main Services:

Whey Protein , Fat Burner , Vitamins , CLA , CBD , Testo boosters , Protein Isolate , Pre workouts , Mass Gainers

Magnus Nutrition

MAGNUS NUTRITION is a new generation sports nutrition company. We offer nutritional supplements for sports, health and well-being of top brands. Magnus Nutrition offers a wide range of dietary supplements such as proteins, amino acids, fat dissolvers, dough boosters, creatine, vitamins, minerals, protein, protein products and carbohydrates. In our offer you can find many quality products for energy, muscle growth, regeneration, weight management and acceleration of metabolism, health and well-being, which are clinically researched and scientifically designed. The products help you maintain a lifestyle and feel more attractive, slim, fit, muscular and healthy. In our offer you can find nutritional supplements for everyone, regardless of the choice of sports, physical, health and beauty goals. Our mission is to offer our customers a wide range of quality products at affordable prices and with short delivery times. We are strongly focused on the satisfaction of our customers. We believe in the highest quality standards, so we are constantly improving customer service.

All products in our offer are made in top factories in the USA, Canada and Europe. Product manufacturers invest in improvements, scientific product research and use the latest technologies and provide thorough quality control in accordance with ISO 9001, USP, GMP, HACCP standards.

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