Madarász Gábor | IT & E-Business

Hungary, Budapest

E-business and E-commerce, online marketing campaign management and IT service and development consulting and management.

Main Services:

online marketing , business development / üzletfejlesztés , PPC management / PPC kezelés , E-commerce solutions / E-commerce megoldások , ERP systems / ERP rendszerek , E-mail marketing , Social media marketing / közösségi média marketing , IT projekt management

Madarász Gábor | IT & E-Business

E-business and E-commerce, online marketing campaign management and IT service and development consulting and management.

Implementation of ERP systems and e-commerce platforms, development of B2B and B2C webshops.
SEO and content marketing, full PPC campaign management. Ads, Shopping, social media and email marketing.

Web development and UX, desktop and mobile application development from design and IT business analysis to full design and functionality development, testing, quality assurance and maintenance.

Develop and expand strategic partnerships, mutually beneficial win-win business relationships and innovation collaborations with business and non-business partners.

I believe in value creation and goal-oriented, effective work and collaborations. I can help your business thrive in the areas of agile IT development and operations, e-commerce and e-business systems implementation, business process improvement, automation, web sales growth and business development.

My collaborative partners and I share the same values in business. Our goal is to use our professional knowledge and experience to provide profitable services in e-commerce, e-business and IT.

I have extensive partnerships in the areas of e-commerce, e-business, IT services and PPC campaign management. Through my partnerships I can provide the best fit for your and your Business’ goals and opportunities.

I am Gábor Madarász, I can assist you in the areas of E-business, E-commerce and IT services and development.
– How do we reach our potential customers in the online space?
– What online marketing channels should we use and where should we advertise?
– How to improve the return on your online advertising spend in a targeted way?
– How do we automate our business processes and digital marketing?
– How to develop a B2B or B2C webshop that supports sales?
– How to choose the right business management system for your business?
– Which applications to use and how to connect to our business partners’ systems?

If you have these or similar questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!
In my previous work, I have promoted online sales and customer acquisition for several businesses, built systems for online marketing channels (email, web/mobile push, etc.), improved the return on investment of advertising costs for Google Ads and Shopping, Facebook, Instagram campaigns, and led custom software and web development projects to success.

I have helped my clients to assess and improve their business risks and processes, implement and integrate billing, warehouse management and custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and customize B2B/B2C web shops to help them to further grow and support the operation of their businesses.
You can view my references directly on my website (, and learn more about my professional experience, projects, competencies, recognitions and recommendations on my LinkedIn profile (

With the help of my partners, we have been and are involved in IT and commercial tenders, as well as in the implementation of artificial intelligence research results in business.
I also believe that the success of your business can be driven by reducing costs and increasing revenue, optimising operational efficiency, reaching new customers through online channels, and retaining and activating your existing customer base. To achieve all of this, I can offer a wide range of solutions in the IT and E-business areas.

Let’s get in touch!
Contact me with confidence. If you have any questions or need further information from me, please contact me at any of my contact details.
Visit my website and let’s get in touch!

Madarász Gábor | IT & E-BUSINESS

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