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Madagascar, Antananarivo

Source your vanilla bean from small scale farmers in Madagascar

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MadaMarket Export

Source your vanilla bean from small scale farmers in Madagascar

MadaMarket Export is a Madagascar based company – operating in the vanilla bean industry. We mainly process vanilla powder or ground vanilla and vanilla extract. And we distinguish ourselves with our outstanding vanilla bean powder freeze dried and stone ground.

Let me talk to you about our main products : Ground vanilla bean produced from Vanilla Planifolia organically grown in Madagascar.

Vanilla powder, what an advantage compared to vanilla extract?

Professionals are simple cooking enthusiasts use vanilla powder as substitute for vanilla extract or whole vanilla pods in savory recipes, pastries, bakeries and hot breakfast drinks. Vanilla powder is closest to the initial vanilla as it is obtained from dried pods and finely ground. It keeps much longer like spices ground.

Why vanilla powder instead of vanilla extract?

For individuals, vanilla extract is an attractive solution in terms of cost and easy to use for a vanilla recipe. But you have to believe that nothing beats the pure vanilla bean. Its use is sometimes reserved for professionals, amateurs of spice and purists given its very high price. An alternative to the pod of vanilla is the use of vanilla powder. This dry, vanilla bean product is much more interesting than vanilla extract. Indeed, vanilla powder does not contain alcohol and not everyone likes the taste of alcohol. Even at low doses, this this is especially more pronounced in preparations that are not cooked. But when the preparations are made to be cooked, the alcohol evaporates and the preparations find the good flavor of pure vanilla. This is particularly the case for savory dishes, barbecues, cakes, muffins or chocolate chip cookies.

Vanilla extract is hands down the less expensive solution to infuse the flavor of vanilla, but it has major drawbacks as we have just seen. The vanilla bean is the most interesting for flavoring any preparation, but it is still expensive and takes a long time to work. Indeed, it is necessary to split the flesh and to scrape the seeds to get the vanilla flavor. Vanilla powder is the best alternative.

To find a cheaper vanilla powder, there is vanilla sugar.

Which vanilla powder to choose? On the market, there are two types of vanilla extracts that should not be confused. Of a side, there is the pure vanilla powder which is obtained by grinding the vanilla pods into fine powder. It is recognizable by its dark shade similar to that of the pod of dried vanilla. However, vanilla powder does not really dissolve in liquids and its dark color tends to color food. On the other side, there is the vanilla sugar which is simply a mixture of vanilla extract and cane sugar, dextrose (a sugar made from corn) or maltodextrin (a thickener). Vanilla sugar is dark brown in color. It is less expensive and easily dissolves in liquids thanks to the significant amount of sugar.

Why is ground vanilla so much better than vanilla extract?
Previously, consumers only knew about whole pods, extracts of pure vanilla and imitation extracts. Powder makes its appearance and conquered
immediately to consumers and enthusiasts of spices since it is made in from pure vanilla bean, dried and crushed. Vanilla powder does not contain without alcohol neither water nor natural thickener. Vanilla powder and vanilla sugar can be used as a replacement for vanilla extract. These two vanilla products are used in pastries, vanilla powder as ingredients and vanilla sugar a garnish. Vanilla powder is also used in cooking to flavor recipes. He this is pure vanilla powder which is very different from vanilla sugar, their use is also quite distinct.

For pastries and baked dishes, powdered vanilla gives a clean and pure flavor
of vanilla to the recipe. The flavor is much different from that of vanilla extract, having a slightly bitter aftertaste. Vanilla powder is a great option for baked recipes that require the flavor of vanilla to be brought to the fore. For the pastry creams and drinks, vanilla extract provides a good alternative to vanilla powder. There are no spots of vanilla seeds, but the result is quite even satisfying in terms of aroma. You can replace a vanilla bean with 1
teaspoon of vanilla extact or 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla powder.

What is the price of vanilla powder?
The price of vanilla pods is high enough to surprise consumers who want to use them for the first time. On the market, two quality pods premium costs around $ 15. And when recipes call for multiple pods, the use of vanilla easily becomes a hindrance in their achievements. But this high price vanilla is justified by the labor and care required to produce the vanilla, as well as the inconstancy of growing vanilla. Ground vanilla is less expensive, the 10g jar / sachet is offered at around 10 € for the classic vanilla ground and at around € 14 for organic vanilla powder.

How to store vanilla powder?
Being a dry, powdered product, ground vanilla can easily be stored as other spices. It can last for years when stored in a dry place. The storage time is generally 2 to 3 years. The conditioning does not alter the vanilla powder on time when stored dry. However, the vanilla powder often begins to lose the intensity of its aroma after the stated storage time on the packaging. To benefit from the best quality of the powedered vanilla bean, it is advisable to use it only for the recommended time.

MadaMarket Export with its subsidiary Sustainable Concepts SARL is an authorized vanilla bean exporter. We process from green vanilla pods to the highly perfumed vanilla bean you use in your kitchen. We also freeze dry and stone grind our vanilla powder ourselves in order to offer the most fragrant vanilla powder in your bakery, pastry shops.

For more info about us, you can visit our website or call us via our Whatsapp number +261 34 07 724 33

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