Ma Poule Express

Canada, Trois-Rivières

Since its founding in 2018 by Marc-André Séguin, Ma Poule Express has been dedicated to making the lives of urban agriculture enthusiasts in Canada easier.

Main Services:

Dried mealworms, Chicken coop, Chicken feeder, Chicken waterer, Egg Incubator, Poultry health supplies, Black soldier dried larvae, Diatomaceous earth, Rabbit accessories, Inukshuk dog food

Ma Poule Express

Ma Poule Express: Your Poultry Farming Partner

A Canadian Company Committed to Urban Agriculture

Our mission is simple yet essential: provide quality products at affordable prices to support backyard chicken and poultry farming.

Quality Agricultural Supplies
We understand the importance of providing your chickens and other poultry with quality food. That’s why Ma Poule Express is proud to be your supplier of high-quality dried mealworms and fly larvae. These natural protein sources are essential for the health of your animals.

Warm Coops for the Canadian Climate
Living in Canada means facing harsh winters, and that includes protecting your valuable poultry. That’s why we offer high-quality heating products specially designed for small chicken coops in Canada. Our products ensure your birds stay warm even in the coldest temperatures.

Fast Delivery Across Canada
We understand that your needs know no geographical boundaries. That’s why Ma Poule Express offers fast delivery service across Canada. Our team, specialized in urban chickens and urban agriculture, ensures your orders arrive safely at your doorstep.

All Supplies for Home Poultry Farming
Our commitment to our customers goes beyond just providing products. We take pride in being both manufacturers and distributors of all the supplies needed for home poultry farming. Whether it’s feed, care products, or coop accessories, Ma Poule Express has everything you need to succeed in your farming project.

A 100% Canadian Company
As a 100% Canadian company, we are deeply rooted in our local and national community. Our commitment to sustainability and urban agriculture helps strengthen the bond between Canadians and the land. We are proud to play a role in promoting more sustainable and responsible lifestyles.

At Ma Poule Express, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of backyard chicken farming, whether it’s for sustainable eating, a connection to nature, or the simple joys of rural life. Join us in this exciting farming adventure and make Ma Poule Express your trusted partner for all your agricultural supplies and poultry veterinary products.

We believe in happy hens and fulfilled urban farmers. Welcome to Ma Poule Express.

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