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Australia, Canberra

M Squared Photographs (MSP) is a full-service photographic service built on the passion for the photographic art.

Main Services:

Photography, Model Portfolio, Tutorials, "Reviews, Editing, Fine Art, Printing, On-location photoshoot, Content Creation, Photography Education

M Squared Photographs

MSP provides clients with a seamless service which encompasses the entire photographic spectrum, from capturing through to editing and printing. This provides clients with freedom, freedom to simply ‘be’ in the moment.

The rise of smartphone technology, while it has created a fantastic environment for people to take more photographs of moments they’re in, has made the ‘art’ of photographing commonplace. MSP aims to take this art and to reinstate its prestige and authenticity for its clients. When clients approach MSP, they are making a conscious decision to employ a person who will take a crafted approach to capturing their moment.

MSP captures moments in three distinct phases: Design, Capture, and Master. Within the Design phase, the photographer will meet with the client to understand the Big Picture and the Small Picture characteristics of the shoot. The Big Picture will generally consider the themes, the colour palette, and the time and location of the shoot. The Small Picture, however, will consider the smaller necessities which contribute to the seamlessness of the shoot. This includes, photographic gear, props, and other support staff (hair and make-up, grips, etc.)

Phase two is the Capture phase and is considered to be the core production. During this phase, the photographer, client and other support staff will meet at the predetermined time and location to capture the raw material.

The final phase is the Master phase. The next four week period will be the time the photographer will incorporate the Big Picture considerations ito the artisitic direction of the photographs. Once they are mastered, the photographs will then be printed on Fine Art Paper for the client and be delivered alongside its digital copies.

Finally, in addition to MSP’s photographic services, it also produces photographic videos on YouTube, comprised of capturing tutorials, editing tutorials and photographic gear reviews. MSP believes in the sharing of knowledge of photography and to see the art, authenticity and prestige of photography back into the mainstream.

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