Lynch & Loose Clothing

United Kingdom, Tamworth

So what does Lynch & Loose mean, Well the Lynch, is a small area in the village of Polesworth, Staffordshire.. that was renowned for bringing the community together and showing solidarity..

Main Services:

Organic Clothing, Sustainable Clothing, Organic Streetwear, Organic Cotton Hoodies, Organic Cotton T-Shirts, Organic Cotton Tee's, Mountain Bike Clothing, Mountain Bike Jersey's, Organic Outdoorwear

Lynch & Loose Clothing

Loose is a term used for a style of Mountain Bike Riding… So for us as company it defines togetherness, helping communities and and doing it in our own way..

We love what we do at Lynch & Loose Clothing, and the journey we have been on Since 2020..

Over the past two years we have transformed as a brand, focusing now as an Ethical & Sustainable Brand inspired by the Outdoors & Lifestyle. Creating unique designs for everyday living

From our origins in the middle of England, we have continually strived to ensure that the best quality materials are used in all of our products. As time has gone by, we have become more aware of the damaging effect the manufacturing industry can have on the environment.. So what have we done?

Ensured all of our Outdoor & Lifestyle Streetwear is sustainably sourced.
Transitioned all our ranges to Organic Cotton.
All our packaging is made from Recycled materials

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