Longevity Mountain Herbs

United States, Houston

Longevity Mountain Herbs was the first herb business in Southern USA since 1998.

Main Services:

Free Chinese medicine assessment and consult, Chinese herb medicine for women, men, children and pets, customized herb medicine, dietary (food therapy) recommendations, Free consultation during herbal treatment, Tai Chi and Qigong exercise, superior herb quality that results in faster recovery, etc.

Longevity Mountain Herbs

The senior master herbalist is trained as a Chinese Medicine herbalist with 30+ years of practitioner experience. Mark Hammer CMH-III, began training in 1974 in American herbalism graduating to Chinese herbology education at the Scientific American Hanyak Institute as an apprentice with Dr. Hua “George” Chun in 1998.

Mr. Hammer developed herbal formulas based on his knowledge of herbology from sources all over the world. He has studied Native American, South American, European, Egyptian, Ayurvedic, Tibetan, African, and Asian Medicine. Formula development is founded on the belief that combining a world body of herbal knowledge is greater than a single regional source. However, Asian medicine has greatly influenced how Mr. Hammer thinks about the application of herbal knowledge. The diagnostics and knowledge of natural medicine material are extremely valuable and synergistic when applied to other practices of herbal medicine. Combining the various systems of herbal medicine can only improve the practice of alternative medicine which Longevity Mountain Herbs strives to support.

Longevity Mountain Herbs specializes in herb medicine formulas for PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, menopause, post menopause, Infertility, diabetes, digestion, energy, weight Loss, pain, immunity, toxicity, longevity, anxiety, prostate, detox, respiratory, impotence, reflux, heart & circulation, flu, depression, constipation, diarrhea, strength and athleticism, etc.

Longevity Mountain Herbs welcome people to call in for scheduled online appointments who want to take advantage of our Chinese medicine assessment services. Additionally, feel free to order, online, any formula that you think will benefit you. Our formulas are not like the standard formulas in most supplement stores or Chinese medicine shops. The senior master herbalist chooses only the best plant material when building your formulas. Consequently, the formulas are excellent and surprising to most who have not experienced superior Chinese herb medicine.

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