Liquor Laboratory

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Started by a team of bartenders and mixologists, we have been helping our readers determine approximate alcohol pricing, create classic and exotic cocktails, and just have fun while drinking responsibly!

Main Services:

Reviews of Spirits, Cocktail recipes, Content

Liquor Laboratory

At Liquor Laboratory, we provide updated liquor price estimates. No more guessing. But that’s not the only amazing thing we do here! We also publish the latest scoop on your favorite liquor – including the finest cocktail recipes and leading mixology tips. There’s no limit to your happy hour!

We are a diverse team of world-traveled flair bartenders and cocktail consultants whose love for liquor, drinking, and everything in between led us to create this platform for our fellow booze lovers.

Nope, we’re not alcoholics. We prefer to be called experienced drinkers.

As your resident alcohol connoisseurs, we’ve listed the latest on beverage pricing, interesting facts, and extraordinary recipes that will blow your mind.

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