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We love hydrosols and essential oils and often bought those products on the market.

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Why do you get in to distiller industry?
Besides their high expenses, the problem is sometime those hydrosols are good with strong aroma but sometimes those are not that good and even faint. The real hydrosols are very helpful for our skins and emotional health. If you are using bad quality hydrosols, they may hurt you rather than benefiting you. The question comes into my mind is why not making fresh hydrosols and use them. This brings the idea of designing distiller.

How do you design LETIME distiller and what makes it different?
I am a chemical engineer and have tens of years of experience of treating water. After studied and tested many different distillers on the market, I found there is a need of a newbie friendly, easy to fit environment, and efficient extraction distiller. We did tons of experiments to find the best parameters for the best extraction and finalize the structure after many prototyping. The LT3000 distiller is customer proved easy to use, high craftsmanship, and beginner friendly product.

Can you tell me how LT3000 distiller works?
Sure. There are generally two ways to distill herbs. One is steam distillation and the other one is hydro distillation. Steam distillation has herbs on top of water and steam passes through the herbs bed to extract volatile phytochemicals. Hydro distillation has herbs mixed with water and then boiled together. Comparatively, steam distillation has better control and more effective extraction. That is why we choose steam distillation and this is how LT3000 works.
The procedure is straightforward. You add filtered water into pot. Please use filtered water so as to avoid volatile chlorine which is common disinfectant in tap water. It can bother your high quality hydrosol. Secondly, add herbs into column and finish set up. Thirdly, start your distillation and collect your hydrosol and even essential oil.

Now herb extract is getting very popular and a lot of personal care products are using them. What are the benefits of hydrosol and how to use them?
Herbs are natural gift for our health. They contain phytochemicals which have many benefits to our body. For example, there are anti-oxidants which can help remove radicals which can cause damage to our body including disease and inflammation. Distillation is the way to extract volatile compounds from herbs. Essential oil and hydrosol are its products. Hydrosol is the water phase product and it contains water soluble phytochemicals and a small portion of dispersed essential oil. However, only fresh made hydrosol contains oil. That oil can be sticky on bottle wall after long time storage.
These small molecules has benefits of anti-inflammation, anti-septic, anti-bacterial, antioxidants, etc. They helps keep our skin and hair healthy and younger looking. Hydrosol is safe to be used directly and daily for most of cases and essential oil needs to be diluted before using. Hydrosol can be used to make lotion, cream, shampoo, spray bodycare products. Because they are natural product, users normally can use them safely without irritation. It is so much better than artificial chemicals especially for sensitive skins.

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