Leishman electrical services ltd

New Zealand, Whakatane

New ownership in May 2022, Rob Leishman retired and sold the business.

Main Services:

Leishman electrical services ltd

Richard Baker new owner. we are Rotorua based and cover the bay of plenty and Waikato.

Our team at Leishman Electrical Services have the skills to carry out almost every electrical installation, ranging from small residential to large commercial and industrial work.
We are specialists in home heating and ventilation, offering the popular SmartVent units, Fujitsu heat pumps and heat transfer systems. We have helped hundreds of customers overcome house condensation and moisture issues.
Established in 1999, we are a reputable locally owned and operated business in Rotorua, known for being a prompt and efficient business that stands behind its workmanship.
There is no job too big or small for our team of experienced professionals.
We offer detailed design and pricing, so there are no surprises. We also communicate closely throughout the entire process, no matter how big or small the project, to ensure customers are completely happy with the end result.
For a reliable and experienced local electrician, look no further than Leishman Electrical Services.
We are Registered Electricians in Rotorua, specialising in residential, commercial and retail electrical and heating/cooling systems.
We pride ourselves on our customer relations and communications. Clear quoting makes us a stand out from the rest, ensuring a smooth project delivered on time and within budget.

If it’s a new build or a renovation, you can trust us to advise on, and install, the best products available on the market to fit your budget. We can give you a full electrical layout that is easy to follow so everyone is on the same page and there are no surprises!

We have worked with companies to design and install the best lighting and electrical componentry to match the needs of the business.
Good lighting design particularly helps creates the atmosphere that makes a business a more desirable place to visit.
Electrical maintenance in business is key and we can react quickly to get things fixed and working again 100% so it’s business as usual for our customers.

We specialise in the installation of Fujitsu General heat pump/air conditioning systems which supply warmth in the winter and cool comfort in the summer. They are efficient, clean and look great. We also install and service Daikin, Mitsubishi and Panasonic. We can help you select the heat pump that is right for your home or business.
Landlords, meet your obligations under the new Healthy Homes Standards – a heat pump installation could be the right solution for your property.

All light fittings are not created equal, often a fitting that is cheap to purchase, has a short life expectancy, or can even chew through lamp fittings at an alarming rate. If you are building a new home or carrying out a renovation we would be happy to give you some sound advice.
LED technology and price have arrived at a sweet spot with technology providing reliable, long life, multi colour options at a reasonable price. These fittings typically provide an 80% saving in power consumption and zero heat loss through the fitting into the ceiling cavity. This means you save power, you save on your heating bill and you save on lamp replacement.

We only install reputable products offering the latest technology. ‍We can design and install CCTV systems, intergraded access control systems and video intercom systems. Security cameras and sensor lights can often deter thieves from the outset. Talk to us about your security requirements so we can design a system to fit your needs, budget and keep your family and assets safe.

Home automation is becoming far more user-friendly and is ever expanding. Smart phones and apps can now be used to access your home automation from anywhere to carry out almost any function, water the lawns, set the alarm or open the gates – you choose. There are many products on the market, so be sure to ask us for our opinion on what is most suitable for your home or commercial premises.

Power sockets and switches are now an art form! Gone are the days where you had one choice, or two at best. Now you have thousands of options to choose from to match your decor – colours, finishes, materials. So don’t settle for the ho hum, make your electrical componentry shine and install what you love. We can easily swap out your old switches and sockets too. Did you know there are also switches with led rings that glow at night, sockets that include USB power ports and customised etched icon switches such as these.

With the fast pace of change, especially in the audio and communication sectors, it pays to think of how we will be doing things in the future. While wireless technology is new and convenient, it sometimes isn’t the fastest or most reliable solution.
We can help you future proof your project so you can add the right technology down the track easily and effectively, saving you significant time, effort and money.

We install new data cabling networks and repair, tidy and reconfigure existing cables and networks that require attention. We can advise where data points should be best located, where cables should be run and what is the most cost effective way to achieve your network goals.

Are you fed up with condensation, damp, mould or just stale air? Then a SmartVent system could be the perfect answer for you.
We are Accredited Installers and can advise you of the right system to make your home a comfortable and healthy one.
We only install reputable home ventilation systems and heat transfer systems from SmartVent, DVS and HRV
Customers have been amazed at the difference these have made to the comfort, warmth and cleanliness of their homes and the health of their families!

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