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Stuart Clifford's story, as a self-employed owner of a lawn care business is truly inspiring showcasing his determination, innovative mindset and remarkable success.

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Back in 1987 armed with equipment and a handful of flyers, Stuart embarked on his journey. It didn’t take long for his phone to start ringing and for his business to experience growth. Stuart’s strategic approach to building and managing his enterprise allowed him to work 20 hours per week while still achieving a turnover that positioned his business as one of the top contenders in town.

Through his blog, lawnmowing101 Stuart generously imparts insights and timeless principles for running a lawn care business. He emphasizes the mechanics that apply irrespective of location. Drawing from years of experience and lessons learned along the way Stuart aims to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in achieving their success more efficiently than he did himself. His commitment to sharing knowledge is a testament to both his passion for writing and his sincere desire to contribute towards the industry’s growth.

During Stuart’s days in the lawn care industry, he employed strategies that propelled the growth of his business. From telemarketing efforts to creating and selling lawn care rounds, he consistently sought out methods to expand operations and maximize profitability.
Stuart’s shrewd business sense and determination to optimize his operations shine through in his approach, to timing, pricing and strategically selling lawn care services during transitions.

As Stuart’s business evolved he explored expansion opportunities by hiring workers and venturing into markets. However, these endeavours were not without their challenges. Stuart faced issues with employee behaviour and subcontracting along the way. Nevertheless, he. Adapted, ultimately achieving success by establishing a system that fostered growth and profitability.

Despite their achievements over three decades in the industry Stuart and his wife made a decision to transition away from their business. Their careful planning and commitment to downsizing reflect their desire for a direction in life. Their reputation as one of Hamilton’s lawn care companies is evident in the five-star reviews they consistently receive attesting to the quality service they provide to customers.

Today Stuart continues to share his expertise by assisting lawn care contractors in packaging and selling their businesses. He also evaluates lawn care businesses for buyers. His dedication to giving back to the industry underscores his passion for the business and his aspiration, for its success.

Through his lawnmowing101 membership and his blog, he has helped hundreds of people build lawn care businesses. One of the things that has helped him the most is his genuine love of all things marketing-related. While other people relax by watching TV, Stuart can usually be found reading a marketing-related book or something similar.

As a believer in lifetime learning, he is always doing training and courses and then implementing what he learns before teaching what he has learned in his lawnmowing101 membership.

Stuart’s journey serves as proof of the potential that comes with being an entrepreneur, the gratification that stems from effort and creativity and the lasting influence of sharing wisdom and personal experiences with others through his blog, lawnmowing101.

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