Kirby Romine, Magician

United States, Sacramento

Kirby Romine is a celebrated magician with over 40 years of experience, enchanting audiences across Sacramento and Yolo Counties.

Main Services:

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Kirby Romine, Magician

His interest in magic began at the age of six when he learned a simple magic trick he found in a library book. He soon discovered the wonder and excitement performing the trick brought to his family and friends. His passion for magic grew, as did his performance skills and knowledge of magic. Today he specializes in a wide array of events, including children’s parties, school assemblies, senior community gatherings, and more, Kirby delivers magical experiences that go beyond entertainment. His performances are tailored to each audience, whether bringing laughter and awe to a child’s birthday party or a touch of nostalgia to a senior’s gathering.
Kirby’s magic shows are interactive and crafted to stimulate imagination and learning. By involving children in tricks and encouraging them to think creatively, he helps them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. His shows for children are not only fun but also educational, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world.
For adult audiences, including seniors, Kirby’s performances are equally engaging, blending sophisticated magic with humor and charm. He customizes his shows to suit the theme of any event, ensuring that every performance is unique and memorable.
At birthday celebrations, Kirby makes the guest of honor the star of the show, creating hilarious and heartwarming moments that families cherish. His shows are perfect for capturing on camera and sharing with friends and family on social media.
Kirby’s Christmas and Halloween themed magic shows have become beloved traditions in retirement communities and assisted living centers throughout Sacramento and its neighboring cities. During these festive seasons, Kirby brings joy and a sense of wonder to the elderly residents with his enchanting performances that cater specifically to the themes of Christmas and Halloween. His shows are tailored to evoke the spirit of each holiday, featuring tricks and illusions that captivate his audience, creating an atmosphere of celebration and delight. This annual tradition not only provides entertainment but also enhances the social environment of these facilities, giving the residents something exciting to look forward to each year. Kirby’s dedication to spreading cheer through his magic shows has made him a cherished figure in these communities.
Kirby Romine’s dedication to his craft and his audience is evident in every performance. With accolades like the 2004 Stage Magician of the Year and a commitment to customer satisfaction, including accepting all major credit cards and requiring no deposit for bookings, Kirby stands out as a professional who not only performs magic but creates lasting memories.
Specialties include:
• Kid’s and Adult Birthday Parties
• School Assemblies
• Summer Camps
• Senior Community Events
• Daycare Centers
• Corporate and Private Banquets
Unique Offerings:
• 2004 Stage Magician of the Year
• No deposit needed for bookings
• Acceptance of all major credit cards
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Experience the magic of Kirby Romine, where every show is more than just tricks—it’s about creating moments of joy, wonder, and unforgettable memories.”

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