Kintsugi Counselling

Canada, London

Do you struggle with a loss of a sense of self that feels like it affects every aspect of your life; your day-to-day life, relationships, ability to function, your work, career?

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Kintsugi Counselling

Do you feel exhausted by the thought that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel? Do you wonder if things could be better? Now more than ever, people are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and uncertain about finding their place in life.

We believe it shouldn’t be so hard to live a vibrant, authentic life. At Kintsugi Counselling we offer a custom approach for each of our clients! We start with understanding where you are now and the challenges you are facing. We help you put a plan in place to help you move forward, and we celebrate your successes along the way.
Helping people live a better life is our passion. It might mean learning to set boundaries, working through a loss, or life transition or helping you change a pattern of behaviour that is keeping you stuck. Our goal is to help you feel better so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of! Start your journey now. Contact us today for a free consult.

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