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Welcome to Lotus Notes Export by Kim Beros Consuling, your one-stop-shop for robust, fast performance tools for import/export, conversion, migration, and reporting.

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Software, Lotus Notes Tools, NSF TO PST, Lotus Notes Attachment Export

Kim Beros Consulting Pty Ltd

Our software is the right solution for anyone looking to work with data from Lotus Notes (formerly IBM Notes) and now HCL Notes, and it’s all thanks to our in-house Lotus Notes programmer specialists.

At Lotus Notes Export, we understand that you need software that works efficiently and effectively. That’s why our tools access data directly using the Notes API, the same way as the IBM Notes client, to provide you with the best possible user experience. Our software is reliable, and our team of Lotus Notes specialists have been working with Lotus Notes (IBM Notes , now HCL Notes) and developing software tools for it since 1997, so you know that you’re in good hands.

We’re so confident in the quality of our software that we offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with our products, we’ll give you your money back. That’s how committed we are to your satisfaction.

Lotus Notes was initially developed by Lotus Development Corporation, which was acquired by IBM in 1995. In 2018, IBM sold Lotus Notes to HCL Technologies, and it is now known as HCL Notes. At Lotus Notes export, we’re committed to keeping up with the latest developments and changes in the software so that we can continue to provide our customers with the best possible solutions.

Lotus Notes Export has been selling software tools online to customers all over the world since 2002. Our years of experience and expertise have allowed us to develop a range of software products that cater to your specific needs. We understand that you’re looking for tools that are easy to use, reliable, and accurate, and that’s exactly what we provide.

We’re also proud to offer services for forensics and legal discovery. Our tools handle advanced properties, and we regularly work with law firms and data recovery agencies to provide accurate and reliable data management solutions. Whether you need customization or advanced features, we’re here to help.

When you purchase software from Lotus Notes Export you’ll receive developer-level support. We offer free support for 90 days from the date of purchase, and there are various options to extend if needed. Our team of experts is always available to provide you with the help you need to make the most of our software.

If you need a specific feature that isn’t already included in our software products, we’re happy to offer custom-sponsored development. We’ll build a sponsored feature into our software, and the more widely useful the feature is, the more we’ll discount it. All changes made to the software go into a new public release, so all of our customers can benefit from the new feature.

In conclusion, Lotus Notes Export is your go-to source for top-quality, reliable software tools for managing data in Lotus Notes, IBM Notes or HCL Notes. Our years of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction make us a top choice in the industry. Try our software today and experience the difference!

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