Kent Rohl

Australia, Ipswich

Kent Rohl is an Ipswich Real Estate Agent who is passionate about Ipswich property & people. Selling your home is a difficult decision.

Main Services:

Real Estate, Property Management, Sell Your Property Property, Commercial Property Management, Sell Your Home, Rent Your Home, Property Rentals, Ipswich Property Sales, Ipswich Commercial Property Sales, Ipswich Property Rentals

Kent Rohl

Records are great, however selling your home or business isn’t just about money, there is a lot of love and energy that goes into making your ipswich home or business yours. When you contact Kent about selling he will sit down with you and your family, to make sure he understands every detail about your property. All the little improvements and all the big ones. Because people don’t buy a house, they buy a home, and details matter.

There is no pressure. No sales pitch. Just a way for you to get your real estate questions answered, to understand the Ipswich Property market as it stands right now and how you and your home or business could fit into it.

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