Kase Dean

London, United Kingdom

Kase Dean helps established and experienced coaches build impactful and profitable recurring-revenue service businesses without stress, confusion or tech overwhelm.

Main Services:

online business coaching, digital marketing consulting, sales funnels, marketing funnels, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, website design

Kase Dean

Kase Dean Limited specialises in helping established and experienced coaches build recurring-revenue businesses powered by automated marketing funnels and sales funnels.

Kase Dean Limited is based in London, UK and they are OBSESSED with building impactful and profitable online coaching businesses.

They are also obsessed with building businesses that can thrive without the business owner’s constant intervention.

They teach their clients the three core things they need to build a business that will make an impact on their lives and the lives of the people they care most about:

1. Clarity about who their customer is so that they can create a marketing message and marketing offer that cuts through all the noise and attracts the most suitable people to their business.

2. An automated process for turning qualified prospects into customers that helps them generate more revenue so that they can focus on the other important aspects of their life and business.

3. A repeatable client acquisition strategy that gets their message in front of ALL the people who need their help.

These three core elements are at the heart of Kase Dean’s 3-step Step System for building a recurring revenue coaching business in just 90 days without stress, confusion, or tech overwhelm slowing you down.

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