JZ Realty Aruba

Aruba, Oranjestad

JZ Realty is a professional local broker in the island Caribbean island of Aruba.

Main Services:

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JZ Realty Aruba

JZ Realty Aruba, led by the experienced Jorge Zarraga, is a prominent real estate brokerage firm deeply rooted in Aruba’s dynamic real estate market. Known for its expertise in local properties, the firm offers a blend of unparalleled local knowledge and years of experience. Jorge Zarraga’s diverse background, encompassing Venezuela, The Netherlands, and Aruba, endows him with a unique global perspective, essential for understanding local demands. His ventures extend beyond real estate into marketing and eco-tourism, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. As a family man and a proficient communicator, Jorge balances his professional and personal life, ensuring clients’ aspirations are achieved. The JZ Realty team, under his guidance, is recognized for their passion and professionalism in the Aruban real estate sector.

JZ Realty Aruba’s success stems from its extensive local network, including in-house experts and external partnerships across Aruba’s real estate ecosystem. This network includes top notaries, financial institutions like Aruba Bank and RBC Aruba, and leading construction companies, ensuring comprehensive support in legal, financial, and construction aspects of property transactions. Additionally, recognizing Aruba’s potential as a holiday destination, JZ Realty has fostered relationships with vacation rental companies, aiding clients interested in holiday homes or seeking rental income. This holistic approach ensures that clients experience a seamless and luxurious real estate journey in Aruba, benefiting from JZ Realty’s extensive connections and expertise.

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