Jurtenleder UG

Germany, Rostock

We offer high quality handmade leather goods of Mongolian full grain leather

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Jurtenleder UG

Jurtenleder is a German-Mongolian brand located in Rostock, Germany. We offer high quality handmade leather goods of Mongolian full grain leather. Our leather stems from grazing cows, sheep and goats of the Mongolian nomads. The leather is vegetable tanned using mixtures of different woods, providing our goods a unique smell and feel. Each of our products is crafted in Mongolian manufactories. Experience and dedication are the ingredients of our daily basis work. Each product follows a sequence of craftsmanship, where everything begins with the selection of finest leather. Providing our products a very special look with a unique patina, most products are dyed in a traditional way by hand. Handmade Dyeing is followed by cutting and a rough and resilient seam. Jurtenleder unifies traditional craftmanship with a timeless classic look and sometimes a more modern European style. The brand offers a bunch of individual leather goods, ranging from a refillable leather journal to slim wallets and women’s purse
to leather backpacks and handbags.

Established in 2020 Jurtenleder is led by Nomingerel Holtz. The CEO is a native Mongolian, living in Germany for more than 10 years. The idea of Jurtenleder is bringing Mongolian culture and tradition to the European audience. Likewise, Jurtenleder provides the basis for high quality jobs in the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator. Jurtenleder strives for fairness and is thus avoiding any kind of middlemen or distributors. Each product is directly obtained from our network of manufacturers in Ulan Bator. This ensures beneficial business connection for both sides.

Sustainability is a central part of the brand. Starting with grazing animals, leather is obtained as byproduct of the Mongolian meat industry. Although vegetable tanning is taking much more time than chemical tanning based von chromium, it is more environmentally friendly and a better alternative for tannery employees. It also prevents from harmful chromium compounds due to improper chemical tanning and is thus a better alternative for customers, particularly for people with sensitivity to chromium. Jurtenleder is aware of the climate change and the influence of global air cargo. In order to reduce the climate effect of our goods transportation, we support environmental projects. In addition, we strive for sustainable packaging. We reduce trash from packaging, use parcels of recycled paper or grass paper and avoid plastics during shipping.

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