Julie C. Hancock, Your Virtual Advocate

United States, De Pere

Your Virtual Advocate is a boutique law firm by founding attorney, Julie C. Hancock.

Main Services:

Legal Services, Attorney Services, US Visas and Immigration, Copyright Infringement, Legal Education, Artist Immigration, Artist Advocate, General Counsel, Legal Advice

Julie C. Hancock, Your Virtual Advocate

The firm almost exclusively handles matters that touch on Creative Entrepreneurs or the entertainment industry.

This runs the spectrum in providing legal services to employers and foreign nationals seeking to be employed in any number of ways in the U.S. (traditional employment, artists, musicians, filmmakers, cultural event performers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and all scenarios in between), as well as proactively working with Creatives to reduce legal risks to their careers and creative assets.

Being intimately involved in the journey of the creators, innovators and entrepreneurs, Attorney Julie Hancock is well-versed in the complexities faced concerning digital content and the internet. She wants to make creative works more accessible while protecting artistic property and its revenue streams. She takes a collaborative approach to educate creatives and businesses on U.S. Copyright and Trademark protection for their works or brands. The firm ensures clients understand these legal concepts and how they affect their business, while Your Virtual Advocate executes the legal work to protect the client. Her work includes assisting creators with the new small claims copyright infringement process through the Copyright Claims Board.

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