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At Jst4u, our goal is to provide quality handmade products.

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All the handmade products are carefully selected by contacting artisans from different parts of the world. We at jst4u strive to carry unique and one-of-a-kind handmade creations.
We aim to help local artisans by giving them a platform to sell their products to available markets initially in the US and other parts of the world at the later stage of our growth. Most of the products we sell are environmentally friendly, and many of our artisans use upcycled materials to keep discarded materials out of landfills.
Below are the products we initially listed on our online store jst4u.com. As we grow, we will add more products to our online store. Our goal at Just4u is to bring the best handmade products available in different parts of the world and not just to increase our inventory.
Please visit our online store at jst4u.com and join the mailing list to get updates on our new products and promotions.

Handmade pillow cover
Material: pillowcases that are crafted from linen and soft cotton.
Design: You will experience a gentle and opulent touch as a result.
How to clean: Wash by hand or in the machine gently. Use a mild detergent, and avoid using bleach. Brighten your house now: Our decorative sofa cushion covers come in a variety of series, including those with patterns that are modern, vintage, classic, oriental, European, or any other ethnic design. Get the one you like most and let these cushion covers compete to bring a sense of newness and energy to your warm and inviting home, where they are sure to earn the favor of your visitors.
Handmade bags
• Handmade Bags display the most stunning examples of Ethnic design. The magnificent appearance is achieved by crafting the handle with the highest-grade pearls.
• Handmade bags are crafted from High-Quality Silk and adorned with Embroidery, Sequins, Beads, and Pearls attached to Golden Drawstrings.
• The handmade purse may be wrapped quickly around the user’s wrist using drawstrings. You will have no trouble storing personal items like money, a mobile phone, or cosmetics.
• The pearls used to make the handmade wedding bag with sequin embroidery work are of the highest quality, resulting in magnificent and simple bags.
Handmade earrings
Combine handmade earrings with a dress that matches it, and you’ll always be the center of attention at whatever event you attend. These handmade earrings are perfect for personal use and given as gifts. It is designed with a High-Quality natural material that will last forever. It is adaptable to any situation because it does not include nickel or lead and adheres to international standards; it is very gentle on the skin. These handmade earrings do not trigger allergic reactions and are secure in any setting.
Taking care of your earrings, you should never let your handmade earrings come into contact with strong chemicals or oils, and you should also avoid spraying perfume directly on them. This will cause the earrings to lose color, tarnish, or become unusable. And that is not something that we would want!
Area rug jute
Freshen up your home’s interior – Astonish your loved ones and company by giving any room in your house a natural, flawless look with minimal effort and expense. This jute carpet with a bohemian design will add a touch of rustic elegance to any contemporary living space.
Using only organic fibers- Fast-growing, high-quality jute fiber that can be recycled indefinitely. Long-lasting thanks to careful stitching by master artisans. The knot and braid weave bolstered the innate resilience of jute fiber, making this carpet exceptionally durable.

The ideal message to put anywhere in your house – This timeless jute carpet will brighten up any space and add a touch of elegance and charm to your home. It will add coziness to your living room, durability to your dining space, and earthiness to your bedroom or balcony.
The unique bohemian style that stands out – A sturdy, rectangle-shaped, all-natural braided carpet. Large, bright circles woven together to form a design are a step up from the standard furnishings. Excellent for bringing visual interest to a home with a more muted color palette.
Why choose us? 100% satisfaction guaranteed – The braids and knots won’t come apart quickly because they are made with the best jute fiber and are carefully made and stitched. Our carpet does not leave dust and other things on the floor, and it’s simple to use and clean. Your rug should stay in great shape if you vacuum it often and shake it gently. Clean stains where they are. Please let us know if you have any problems so we can solve your queries as soon as possible. Your happiness is our top priority.

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