JQJL – J’achète Québécois, J’achète Local

Canada, Montreal

JQJL comes from J'achète Québécois, J'achète Local. Everything started during COVID-19 (mostly in January 2020) when our facebook group went viral in the french province of Canada ( Quebec ).

Main Services:

Marketing, Grants, Website, SEO, Advertising, Membership, Cybersecurity, Achat local

JQJL – J’achète Québécois, J’achète Local

People were focusing on local shops and local products and we became their virtual home during the pandemic. After getting thousands of entrepreneurs posting their products on our group, we started to sell a membership for the entrepreneurs, which is available at: https://go.jqjl.ca/carte

Months after months we were becoming a marketing agency. With the sales talent of Nicolas Beaudry, the founder of the group, and the web/marketing experience of his partner, Simon Marcotte, the company skyrocketed and made their reputation in the french province. In early 2023, the company started to help entrepreneurs and businesses to access grants from the government through their initiative: https://quebecenligne.ca

Since then, they keep helping thousands of entrepreneurs to access the grants and to receive professional web & marketing services, such as SEO, website design, cybersecurity and advertising.

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