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Designed for people wishing to be exposed to the authentic Jordanian experience, while taking them off the beaten path to show them gems that are often missed.

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Jordan Select Tours

If you are considering undertaking tours to Jordan, then there is one company that has been at the forefront of quality tourism services in Jordan for over 25 years.
Jordan Select Tours was created in 1994, out of the need for a reliable and authentic travel company that can produce tailor-made tours that are designed for people wishing to be exposed to the authentic Jordanian experience, while taking them off the beaten path to show them gems that are often missed. Since then, it has grown to be the destination management company (DMC) of choice for independent travellers and the ground handler to some of the most prestigious tour operators in the world, together with being a unique MICE establishment that is regarded as the most professional and creative outfit for undertaking quality Jordanian incentives that WOW clients.
Jordan Select Tours employs only the best staff and drivers, and makes sure to train them to the highest standards, while its guides are experts in archaeology, and have the essential people’s skills that allow them to deliver compelling experiences to visitors of Jordan.
Tourism to Jordan is constantly changing with new hotels, camps, and activities, and Jordan Select Tours is always keeping up with these developments and constantly improving its product to take them into account. It also excels at customising tours by incorporating activities and visits that enrich its clients’ experience. Many of these activities expose visitors to the warm hospitality of Jordanians and allows them to partake in their daily lives. Moreover, it is possible to learn to cook Arabic food or do some wine tasting of some of the best wines of the region, in between visits to interesting sites.
Petra is brought to life with the in depth explanations done by Jordan Select Tours’ guides, who go out of their way in order to showcase the incredible natural and manmade structures in the rose-red city, with its diverse and compelling history, and amazing workmanship of its Greek and Roman architects. All of this allowed Petra to be named as one of the new seven wonders of the world.
Moreover, no visit of Jordan is complete without a night at a luxury camp in the “Vast, echoing and godlike” desert of Wadi Rum, which was the base of TE Lawrence early in the 20th century, and was immortalised by book ‘The Seven Pillars of Wisdom’. Wadi Rum was the place where numerous Hollywood movies were filmed, it is the location of choice for directors everywhere for simulating Mars in blockbuster movies.
Other sites that come highly recommended are the Dead Sea, which the lowest point on the surface of earth, and its largest natural spa, where you can experience massages that rejuvenate the body and soul, and the eternal city of Jerash, considered as the best-preserved example of a provincial Roman town outside of Rome.
The staff at Jordan Select Tours know Jordan inside out, they are informed and courteous without being overbearing. They realise that your holiday to Jordan has to be tailored to your interests, not theirs, and as such look forward to showing you the true colours of this incredible destination that is Jordan.

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