Joho TeK

Canada, Vancouver

In the 21st century, every company in every industry is a technology driven company.

Main Services:

Managed IT Services, Cybersecurity, Cloud Infrastructure Services, Project Management", Business Analyst, Analytics, IoT, Training, M365 & O365 implementation and support

Joho TeK

From systems to maintaining your accounting records and overseeing manufacturing processes, you need reliable and adaptable technology solutions to maintain competitive edge.

At Joho TeK, we provide a broad range of IT services that fulfill your specific needs and requirements, empowering sustainable transformation and promoting dynamic growth. We adapt you to cutting-edge technology solutions conducive to reducing costs, increasing productivity, and developing agility to maximize emerging opportunities.

By leveraging technology, we install and instill additional value into every aspect of your business. In addition to that, we help you build a modern organization ready for digital transformation and growth. Moreover, we offer bespoke, client-focused and tailored services dedicated to realizing your potential and paving way to your success. We offer innovative solutions that utilize contemporary technology to comprehensive and around-the-clock support. Also, we are here to equip your business with the necessary tools and infrastructure to fulfill your business needs.

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Our services at Joho TeK include:
Managed IT Services.
Cyber security.
Cloud Infrastructure Services.
Project Management and Business Analysis.
Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics.
CRM Provision.
Online Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions.
eLearning and Training Solutions.
Dynamics 365 apps and installation.
Microsoft 365 implementation and support.
With a complete armoury of digital services available, we have helped businesses of all sizes and sectors to evolve into the efficient, effective and elaborate organizations that they have always envisaged to be. By incorporating cloud solutions that deliver performance and value across business processes with robust data protection and effective management, we improve your security posture. In the fast-paced business environment of today, we offer cloud solutions that provide continuity for your teams wherever you are. Committed to your success, we make sure you take full advantage of the opportunities and benefits of cloud-based solutions, allowing for seamless migration and effective management of your IT solutions. Lastly, and as technology experts, we offer practical and in-depth insight into your industry, advising on the optimal approach for your IT strategy at present and into the future.

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